It's not time to give us one more try (I don't think so). Last night you said your one last lie.
I can't let you wreck my plans, I'm planning to let you go. Only one thing is true, only one thing to do... Time to, delete you!
Burning up, all your pictures, Tearing up, all your letters, Ripping up, all your sweaters.
This is, this is for the better! Slashing up, all your tires, Smashing up, all your flowers, Grabbing back, all my power.
Cause this is one more reason, I don't need you, delete you.
It's not time to say how much you care (I don't think so). I don't want you, I want you not there.
I'm done, I think that the time's come to bring this thing to an end. I think this could be goodbye, think you ran out of time. All I want from you is for you to disappear. All I need from you is for you to not be here. I guess it's time you got the news, gonna replace you, erase you.