In your brown eyes, I walked away. In your brown eyes, couldn't stay. In your brown eyes, you watched me go. Turn the record on, and wonder what went wrong (what went wrong).
If everything was everything but
everything is over, everything could be everything if only we were older. Guess it's just a silly song about you, and how I lost you in your brown eyes.
In your brown eyes, I was feelin low, 'cause the brown eyes and you never know. Got some brown eyes but a soft face, I knew that it was wrong, so baby... turn the record on, play that song.
Everything was everything, but baby it's the last show, everything could be everything but it's time to say goodbye so.
Get your last fix, and your last hit, grab your old bow with your new tricks. I mean it's no surprise I got lost in your brown eyes..
In your brown eyes...